In the early 1970s, several local families from the small communities of Bundeena and Maianbar decided that a soccer club would be a great way to provide children of all ages with a sporting club and game from which athletic and social development could be achieved. However there was no sports field or facilities in the villages where the kids could play, train or hold competition games. Most of the time it was practice down at Bonnie Vale where the open spaces of the camping grounds and picnic areas enabled training.

There were many families involved, including, but not limited to the Rossiters, the Reids, the Allens, the Bleaches and many more, along with the volunteer fire fighters stationed in each village and a host of local identities who joined in to assist in some form, created Bundeena Oval. After dodging the snakes and other wildlife, the oval came into reality in the early 70s with many teams playing their first competition games in 1973.

Without a great population base in the area to form teams of respective age groups and with limited resources the enthusiasm required amounted to more than the basics. With financial assistance and backing from the local RSL Club, the Bundeena Maianbar Soccer Club was able to join the Association’s competition. Slowly as with all progressing communities, the children and older ‘past champions of earlier times’ joined in and soon senior men and women teams were playing on Sundays. With the new families, the very junior members of society were eager to play and the first of the Rooball Teams were in amongst the scene. By the late 70s and early 80s the Club had developed into a small but determined identity and were striving for their first premiership.

As the Club progressed, membership along with the population of each village grew and the Council built toilets and a small canteen facility behind the fire station. The main oval improved with better drainage, lighting and soon a second field for the Rooball teams was under way. The deer and wallabies help fertilise the grass and keep it at a thickness that make playing a pleasure and even today, when most other fields are washed out or dust heaps, the Bundeena Oval is always playable.

The Club, like all others, has seen changes and ups and down of various degrees, throughout the good times and other, the resilience of the membership and the sporting ideal has resulted in the Club and membership becoming stronger. In 2014, the Club followed the lead of its local, state and national associations by changing its name to Bundeena Maianbar Football Club (BMFC).

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