Grand Finals in Bundeena 23/24 August

Because the rain has washed out several fields, BMFC is now hosting 8 Grand Final games this weekend. See the schedule below and come on down to watch the top teams battle it out for the Premiership. Canteen and BBQ will be in full swing.

9.30am 14D – Caringbah Redbacks v Engadine Eagles
11.00am 14C – Gymea United v Cronulla Seagulls
12.30pm 14B – Loftus Yarrawarrah v Marton
2.00pm W16B – Kirrawee v Gymea United

8.30am W18C – Kirrawee v Gymea United
10.30am W21C – Grays Point v Engadine Eagles
12.30pm W30C – Bonnet Bay v Bosco
2.30pm WSD – Loftus Yarrawarrah v Gymea United

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